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Book Review: Dating You/Hating You by Christina Lauren

Dating You/Hating You might be the best contemporary romance I’ve EVER. READ. The reasons?

-The hero not only has feelings, but analyzes them, sits with them, and openly shares them

-The hero is not intimidated by the heroine’s success

-The hero’s best friend also has feelings and isn’t intimidated by his wife’s success

-The heroine is successful, and that isn’t described as her somehow trying to compensate for something lacking in her life

-The book weaves in an amazing conversation about toxic masculinity and harassment in the workplace

-The heroine has a solid #girlgang full of other successful women


It’s only this year that I’ve really started to get into contemporary romances, and there were a few points where I nearly gave up. After spending so long in the historical romance sphere, it can be a bit strange to suddenly transport yourself to a world where anything goes, but the guys are still totally domineering even though it’s the 21st century (looking at you, Jack from Smooth Talking Stranger).

I also have a problem with some of the language in contemporaries. While I’m all for four-letter words in books, if I read one more romance novel where the world “damn” is used as an adjective every time a guy tries to describe 1. his thoughts 2. the girl he likes 3. his life, I WILL SCREAM.

Dating You/Hating You, however, was perfect in language, plot, character development, and setting.  I loved that the book kept me guessing. A third of the way into this book, everything is going so well between Carter and Evie that I was a bit confused as to how this story was going to stay interesting for another 70% of the book, but oh man, was the conflict good. Not only was it well thought out, but the conflict made for some crazy-hot sexual tension.

You can bet I’ve already downloaded another one of Christina Lauren’s books, and I’m eternally grateful to Sarah MacLean and her article “Best Romance Novels of 2017” where I first read about this book.

Wishing you happy reading and more books on your #favourites shelf.


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