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Book Review: Remedial Rocket Science by Susannah Nix

After reading Intermediate Thermodynamics and absolutely loving it, I was excited to read more of Nix’s awesome contemporary romance. But while I loved the characters in Intermediate Thermodynamics, I didn’t think there was enough detail on their backstories, which were integral to their love story.


After Melody and Jeremy’s initial meeting, they both go through huge life changes that affect the way they view the people and the world around them. These changes are part of what eventually allows them to get together, but while they seemed to play big roles when Melody and Jeremy first see each other again, these life- changing events are abruptly forgotten about soon after.

I’m a stickler for character development— I want to see how the hero and heroine change throughout a novel, and what causes them to do so. I also think backstories are hugely important, so not getting to learn more about


how Melody’s boyfriend’s suicide changed the way she viewed relationships was frustrating, especially because the Melody we first meet in the book is less inhibited than the one we meet three years later, and the author alludes that this is because of her boyfriend’s death, but never explains why.

I also wanted to know more about what happened to Jeremy while he and Melody were apart. Nix doesn’t go into the specifics of just how his father’s death has changed him. Yes, he’s less of a playboy and more responsible, but we never find out if working at Sauer Hewson was the career he was searching for, and we also never find out how his father’s death might have affected his relationships with Lacey, his mother, or his sister.

I love Nix’s writing because it’s captivating, full of assertive, smart female heroines, and builds amazing sexual tension between the hero and heroine, making the moment when they finally get together all the more satisfying. I just wished the book told me a little more about the hero and heroine, so I knew exactly how life had changed them and made them even more suited for each other.

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