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Book Review: Losing It by Emma Rathbone

I read this book cover-to-cover in one evening, and spent a good amount of time after finishing it wondering, “did I like it?” After mulling it over, the best I can say is “meh”.


Losing It is about Julia Greenfield, a 26 year-old virgin desperate to have sex, so much so that it populates all of her thoughts and dictates a good portion of her decisions. I found Julia to be an unlikeable heroine; she’s selfish, lazy, immature, and has no regard for the feelings of those around her. She actually reminded me a bit of Carrie Bradshaw in that she was so focused on her own life that she barely heard what her best friend said in their phone conversations, and didn’t seem to find issue with the fact that she basically ruins the biggest break in her aunt’s career so that she can have a very awkward car ride with a guy she *might* have sex with.

Julia reminds me of how so much of society views millennials; she’s not ambitious or creative and thinks that the world revolves around her. She’s made it to 26 with no career plan, she can’t cook, she can’t focus, she has few friends, and all of her social interactions revolve around her accomplishing what she deems to be the most important goal in her life: having sex.

I was gripped by this book mostly because I wanted to see if in the end she somehow, some way, redeemed herself. Spoilers: she didn’t. Yes, she learns that there is more to life than sex, but this is only after she’s had sex! I also hated that in order for her to figure to plot out her next steps, she has to be engaging in post-coital conversation, as though her life couldn’t start until she’d finally accomplished her “goal” of losing her virginity, and as though it isn’t until she’s had some sort of relationship with a man that she can come into maturity.

This book reinforces all the hangups around virginity and sex that make society so complicated and, at times, dangerous, and I so wish that Julia had managed to become a more understanding, more knowledgable person without those traits somehow being tied to her sex life.

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